" I want to be a girl again"

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Zara, a successful doctor is determined to stay away from her childhood memories. This also attributes to her having cold feet with Alex’s proposal to marry him.

Her Mother, a missionary doctor who enjoys her yearly trip to Africa, encourages Zara to come along with her to help bring medical aid to some communities, which she often refuses. Her mother falls ill and the possibility that her long lost daughter might still be alive steered Zara into a new direction to face and conquer her darkest fears.

Halima’s poor parents encourage her to marry Sani, an old man of 60 years at the age of 13. She has no idea about sex, and her husband repeatedly rapes her. After the birth of her child, she suffers a condition called Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF).Her husband and family ostracize and abandon her She goes through rejection, Isolation and mental frustration.

Zara finally makes her trip to Africa where she is constantly faced with the horrors of her childhood. She meets Halima and marveled at the revelation of the tie that binds them

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